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Клюшка вратарская Vaughn VGS 7900

Производитель: VAUGHN


Тип вратарской экипировки: Клюшка

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Клюшка вратарская Vaughn VGS 7900

The 7900 Velocity goal stick features a construction of carbon fiber and fiberglass for light weight with superior balance and feel. The blade is constructed with special wide weave high tensile strength fibers to provide added strength and feel. The blade features internal ribs for added durability to limit twisting and features a high density internal foam core to absorb shock to reduce rebounding. The paddle area is shaped with a thin profile design and constructed with a full composite exterior with reinforced edging. It has a high density internal foam core to dampen impacts and prevent unwanted paddle flex. This gives the stick incredible response by preventing twisting and also provides additional stiffness for shooting and poke checking. Molded under high pressure to ensure resin transfer and flow through all layers for consistency and strength.

• Paddle heights 25", 26", 27"
• Mid blade twist curve
• Lighter weight construction
• Rounded heel for shooting and puck handling
• Available in Silver or Yellow

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