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Нагрудник вратарский Vaughn VP7600 Velocity4 Pro Sr.

Производитель: VAUGHN


Тип вратарской экипировки: Нагрудник

37740 руб

Нагрудник вратарский Vaughn VP7600 Velocity4 Pro Sr.

The 7600 model Velocity 4 arm and chest protector for 2011 follows in the tradition of innovation and quality with many new design features to achieve the highest level of performance and protection possible. Light weight and balanced design provides superior fit and speeds upper body movements and flexibility. Larger shoulder floaters are constructed with superior protection and increased rigidity for greater blocking surface and protection. The chest pad is constructed with three layers to allow complete flexibility and increased protection by creating superior protection with impact reduction. Lower chest pad belly flap allows the unit to stay positioned while in a deep crouched position. The shoulder and back pad adjustment system allows the unit to be more balanced with even weight distribution over the shoulders and allows for a custom fit. Large shoulder caps with lower extensions fill in gaps around the arm pit area. Adjustable side chest pad wings give adjustable coverage in the upper side rib cage. Anatomically designed arms prevent padding from shifting away from critical areas of the arm and wider bicep arm caps for greater coverage and protection. Large high density reinforced main arm floaters provide a firm blocking surface and aid in puck deflection.

• Pro spec construction for added protection and durability
• Multi section chest protector with flex panel on lower belly area
• Lighter weight for quicker movement
• Tapered forearm caps for improved glove interaction
• Four point adjustable elbow pads
• Adjustable wrist straps
• Larger shoulder floaters with solid high density foam inserts
• Anatomically designed for precise fit
• Side chest pad extensions for wrap around protection
• Military spec buckles for added durability
• Wider design in shoulder area to increase blocking surface and add protection
• Available in sizes XS, SM, MED, LG, XL

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